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For more than 35 years, our financial well-being coaches have transformed the lives of 1.3 MILLION members. We are unbiased. We don't sell products. We coach with compassion. We restore hope. And through our clinically validated methodology, we guarantee our results. Are you ready to tackle your organization's financial well-being goals and improve profitability?

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Life changing outcomes that speak for themselves.

People working with an MSA Money Coach report being notably happier and less stressed.


Net Promoter Score1 


Average improvement in confidence to pay $1,000 emergency expense2 


Average improvement in financial well-being2 


Average reduction in debt3 


Average increase in emergency savings balance3 

51 pts

Average improvement in credit score3 


Average hours of increased workplace productivity per week2 


Average increase in retirement contribution from annual salary2 


Average increase in monthly discretionary income3 


Average improvement in how often finances affect health2 


Average reduction in worrying about being able to meet monthly living expenses2 

1 - My Secure Advantage, Inc., January 2024. Based on MSA member self-reported data, when working with a coach, from 1/1/23 - 12/31/23.
2 - My Secure Advantage, Inc., January 2024. Based on self-reported data for MSA members with high financial stress, from 1/1/23 - 12/31/23.
3 - My Secure Advantage, Inc., January 2024. Based on MSA member self-reported data, when working with a coach, on this specific issue from 1/1/23 - 12/31/23.

Technology and empathy driving positive change.

With over 1.3 million coaching sessions under our belts, we've learned a thing or two about driving impact for members. That's why we couple certified, tenured experts with easy-to-use digital tools to help members improve their financial lives.

Our Approach

Money Coaching

Averaging 20+ yrs. experience, coaches get to know members & their story, providing support & accountability, free from judgment and bias.

Digital Tools

A personalized digital experience delivers actionable short and long-term goals with guided program resources and self-help tools.


Providing webinar and in-person education across an expansive list of classes, MSA covers virtually every life event and financial topic.

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